Important Contacts

Global Care Medical Group IPA Inc.
P.O. Box 571420,
Tarzana, Ca 91357.

Freephone:+1 877 452 5472
Telephone:+1 818 702 0100
FAX:+1 818 702 9128

Mission and Vision

Global Care (GC) is dedicated to pursuing and achieving medical excellence through perfecting the various elements of health care service, quality, and management. 
We are an elite united community of extremely diverse, skilled, and talented providers and professionals that are committed to balancing provider support and concerns with the needs of the patients we serve. GC supports integrating technology and innovation to improve healthcare
quality to the greatest extent.

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JULY 18, 2017

What is Global Care?

Global Care IPA™ is a large group comprised of professional men and women who have dedicated their lives and talents to the pursuit of excellence in the field of health care. Our idea is to bring people and modern medical technology together in our diverse communities.